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Topic: Email Issues
QuestionLast Updated on Jan 21 2014 at 9:28 AM
How to Setup Email in Android 4.0+


Setting up email in Android 4.0 is quite easy. below article will guide you through step by step email set up on Android 4.0 device.

Step 1:
Go to Menu and Select EMail

Step 2:
Fillup your email address and password and press next

Step 3:
Select POP 3

Step 4:
Full Up Details as:
Username: Your emal address
Password: Your password
Pop3 server:
Port: 110
Security Type: none
Delete Email from server: Never

And then press Next

Step 5:
Now Filll following details
SMPTP server;
Port: 587
Security Type: none
require Sign-in : Checked
Username: Your emal address
Password: Your password

And then press next

Step 6: 
At this screen set your preferences as following.
If  you are using more than One email accounts on your device then please set your Deafult email account by checking Send email from this account by default.


Step 7:
And final Step. 
Enter your name and press next.


Thats all and you are done setting up your Email on Android device.